Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother F.......reeeezing Day!

I'm in a "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out" kinda moods this morning.

Headed out with the pups... 4:30 (gee they let me sleep in) and low and behold... fell flat on my a**..  No, you know what... I'm going to spell it out... Flat on My ASS!!  yes.... ASS people... it hurt... I have fallen and I cannot get up!!!!

What happened here?  It's the 9th day of May.  It's freezing!!!  and Bloody snow on the ground.  Happy mother's day???  yup... okay.. All you you mom's out there... I hope you get spoiled rotten today... ya deserve it... but SNOW.... I don't think so Tim.

The first I see when I am putting water in the dog bows in the morning is my basil plant.  Hoping the kids use this tonight for my "mom day dinner"... hmmmm we shall see.

It's dark at 4:30. so I don't see what is waiting for me outside.

After my fall, and the dogs are attended to... I took my camera (haven't used it in a dogs day) and took shots of the blanket of snow we got over night.

Gee... summer stuff... kinda looks stupid with the snow on top of it.  What a joke!


Laureate said...

Hi Penny,

Happy Mothers Day! Maybe you can sit on a pillow and eat bon bons all day! ;-)

Linda said...

Hey Penny, I am with you, what the heck is all this cold windy weather, it was so windy in Toronto, I saw a womans wig blow right off her head. At least we did not get snow like you's, lets hope for more sun and warm weather soon.........

judyf said...

Hi Penny, we're getting the same weather here in Guelph, ice on the water in my wheelbarrow both yesterday AM and a heavier layer this morning, just not as much snow. Do your puppies like the cold? My grass needs cutting, but I will have to wait for a "thaw" to do it.

Chris said...

Hi Penny - Slipping in snow on May 9th sure isn't a nice gift from Mother Nature...ouch! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day in spite of it.