Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rosé and Dallas Pups at 7 wks minus 2 days of age

What can I say... they are really cute with their ears up!  Thanks Tina for helping me out with this.

Female 1 looks like the obvious choice for keeping so far.  In size, weight ... pretty little thing, she has a lot to offer in our Kennel.

Female 2 - I need to wait a bit longer with this one and see what happens.  She is a little on the big size, but not over... so I wait... I love this girls face very much and again... she has alot to offer in our kennel too.

Male:  I'm going to give this boy a couple more weeks.  He is hitting the very top of the scale and height. ... plus big boned..and a couple of other things, .... I'm hesitate cause he is just a great looking guy... but I have a feeling he will be leaving to a companion home.


anamchara1 said...

Great pics, Penny and the #1 girl looks to have it all! Terrific seeing you last night ... looking forward to touching base with you again soon!

Chris said...

They're all such little beauties - it would be hard to choose!

Pennylynn @ Ruffleith said...

It was great seeing you too! Those were quite the conversations eh? What's his name? LOL.

Chris... Thank you , they are all quite cute right now... but me thinks the boy is definately going to be too big... and Girl 2 - I think so too.... I hate this~female2 is my fav... but... little Tex Anne (female 1) is very cute.