Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spotlight on Hobbes - Picture intense

Ruffleith's Calvin & Hobbes (aka "Vinnie") is a Portia son.  He is the very first pet companion for the Sambrook's family.  The girls did alot of research when the decision to have a pet was "okay'd" by mom and dad, and came up with the Sheltie... in particular.... Hobbes.

The 2 girls have been diligently going to obedience classes with him, as you have read in previous blog posts - he has 2 levels under his belt.  The girls are determined to get this new family member a championship of a sort and possibly start some agility classes.

Here are some pics of the family taken by a variety of family members, with their new camera.  Some pictures are truly awesome... the picture says a million words...  no narration required!

Enjoy!  I most certainly did.  **whipering to the Sambrooks' family*** sorry I'm so late putting these up - and thanks for keeping me in the family loop with this beautiful boy - xo xo

(*** this need to go on a magazine cover or something... it's priceless and just a great picture**)

Hobbes loves soccer. Funny cause his mom Portia just loves this sport!

Kids and dogs at their finest

Leave nothin behind

looks like he has his eyes on someone's hat... 


Linda said...

I can understand your feelings when posting these pictures, it makes dog breeders so happy to see our babies go to loving homes like the one Hobbes has. You can see he certainly is loved by this wonderful family Penny. They sure are great pictures for a new camera!

Cindy said...

awesome pics ... he looks so much like Axel. I will have to send you some pics so you can see for yourself.