Thursday, February 2, 2012

As J J would say " DYNOMITE" - these pups are looking pretty good.

Last weekend with Tina, we were able to get some relatively nice pics of the hopefuls from the co-bred litter of Rio and Emma.

Uncooperative in most instances,,,, but it's all part of the practice that goes along with show dogs right?  we need more time to practice standing and baiting - in due time of course.



Above: Roxy

Above: Vinnie - This pic was taken the next day... it was warming up!


Chris said...

Such pretty youngsters! Dezi's face sure has his daddy's look :)

Pennylynn said...

yippers! Too much alike... but then again so does Vinnie's... they are twins. tee hee... got love that! I love Rio so.

anamchara1 said...

Lovely youngsters, Penny ... you'll have such fun this summer!!