Friday, May 22, 2009

Arnprior Pictures are in

The Arnprior show weekend was a very exciting weekend for me to have finished my first Home Bred Champion Boy.

I have never shown Remi in a show ring before. We have gone to many handling classes together... but that is nothing compared to the sights and sounds of an indoor arena full of dogs and people and "pressure/Stress & anxiety" which Remi, is accostumed to, but this time, it was me at the end of the lead .... gulp!

For Remi to receive WD all 3 days was a high in itself - I can't explain. This was my boy, from my first and only litter thus far, I was handling him, I groomed him and I was up against some of the very best professional handlers and experienced Breeders. To say that I was pleased... is an understatement.

This picture is of Remi with Judge Barbara Dupree. Brianna handled him in the ring when it came time for Best in Breed.

On Saturday to add to the "peacock feeling", Portia received WB and then was up against Remi for BOW - she took that title that day. My daughter Brianna helped me out tremendlously, as she normally does when she comes to the shows. I love her dearly.
And to boot. My mom was there tagging along and helping out. She loves coming out to the shows.


Laureate said...

Penny, you have every reason to be proud of your accomplishment! Way to go...and great pictures too; bonus!

Good luck at the shows this weekend. Hope to hear good news.

Cheers, Kim

Pennylynn said...

You just made me cry.

Thank you Kim for your kind words.