Monday, May 25, 2009

Ringside Snap Shots of Group winning

These pictures come courtesy of Terri Duff from ringside. Thank you for capturing this glorious day!

The wind was pretty strong on Sunday and someone was firing pistols all day... as the crowds dwindled, the sound of guns were alot stronger and people's voices along the gates at ringside were louder... children screaming... everything that a sheltie really doesn't like. Did Remi like that? NO! not at all. But I helped him look relaxed and tried to keep his composure.

Alright Rémi. This is it. Ya got to give all ya got right now! Ignore all that is around you.... concentrate... mmmmmm garlic chicken good... give those ears. Good boy

Don't run or pull on the lead - let's do this right bud .... take it easy... settle settle... that's it... your doing good bud! Good boy
Kay.... back down to the judge.... settle..... settle..... good boy! Squeak squeak - give the judge your ears.... Good Boy!

OKay Rem...... one last tour around the ring.... good boy.... look at you!!! Good boy.

The worst is done and over with.... He did sooooo well today.

Maybe not.... Group Line up.... 13 from the Herding Group - baby crying behind me.

With a 2nd placing in group - the fan's go wild!! .....My job is done. I did it. I have accomplished much more than I had expected, but I worked hard today taking all that I have learned over the past few years - all in seconds and applied it to a difficult and strange situation and turned it to a positive for my boy Remi. I have succeeded. Today. Red Ribbon - Come to Mamma!!! tee hee.

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