Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pictures from Kingston's Dog Show (Saturday)

Thanks Maureen for taking these pics and sending them my way!

Down and Back - The rain is splattering in her face..... it was a bit heavier at times.

Small Go Around

Looking good and solid - she ain't budging ... beautiful!

My Ringside Mom in the background!

It's still rainning .....gotto slow down before we slip and fall

Received the Best of Winners, Best of Breed and Best of Breed by Exhibitor over a special

Now for Group!

I'm watching the judges hand....
He has something that makes a lot of noise..Could it be Chicklets Gum?
Gotta get a closer look.
She moved as close as she could to his hand... there is a reason why we call her Nosey Rosey

Calling out 4th in Group - Yeah!


Shelamo Shelties said...

Penny .. the judge had a 'box' of Tic Tacs. Think we should start training with them as I've seen more than one judge use them.

Pennylynn said...

hmmm, they are just one calorie each.... and they would definately be a quick fresher upper for egg or tuna salad breathe...me, not the dogs..... yup me thinks me getting some tic tacs

Cool Design Shelties said...

Congratulations on the fine resultat - well done :o)


Pennylynn said...

Thank you so much! I'm still flying high!