Sunday, October 25, 2009

There is a Ninja amoungst us!

Tyler is part of an anime club at school and they are doing a "film".  He is going to play a "Ninja" type character on the theme of "Bullying"

This is his costume.

It has a small fan that runs off of 4 AA batteries and "blows him up"

This is the back of his costume.

He has also decided that he will go out on Halloween and do some trick or treating with some of his other Dungeons and Dragon (D&D) Friends.

Keeping with the theme of Ninja....  The kids have just taken their blue belt test this past Satruday.  We will know their results sometime next week.  Visit their TaeKwon Do blog to see some pretty good pictures of breaking boards with high flying kicks and the scariest one.... via their hand.  Click Here


Tyler Woodruff said...

hay mom just to let u know its anime and they r my D&D friends

Pennylynn said...

Gee. I've been told!

I shall fix that when I get home. Thanks!