Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa Came Early - Pups are here!

This is going to be the long story short. (trust me this is short version - leaving out the details)

Rosé's temperature dropped Tuesday night. Her temperature the next day was the same as the night before, but no signs of labour, with exception to signs that were not "normal".. perhaps emergency, life threatening... I don't know... just not right - Why? Why? .

I headed to the Vet's where they took xrays, ultrasounds and did an exam. She was definitely "good to go" but again, she wasn't showing signs of being in labour - no panting, no contractions, no nesting.... NADA. She just laid there. A bit concerning by all.

A plan was put in motion, wait .... see nothing .... oxytocin...... wait .....see nothing ..... c section last resort.

We wait. 2 hours later "au natural" first pup, second pup, 3rd pup.... what da? The results of Placenta detachment, the pup was the colour green! There is my "answer" that brought me here in the first place. He was very very black. I contained myself, thinking the worse, my daughter had joined me for this delivery. I didn't want to freak her out or get her upset... but then a huge nose bubble appeared after Rosé licked his face....Stretching his arms... Alive and kicking! Once we cleaned him up a bit....he was really really bright green!

He is known as "Grinch" at the Almonte Vets now. The Vet ran to get her camera... as she never seen such a site... Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. *** Thought I would throw that in. being festive season and all *** hahah

Brianna thinks he's the cutest! Indeed what a pretty pup underneath that "grinchness". Pretty head, and beautiful neck. He is 6.2 oz.
The contractions stop. For a good hour and 1/2... Remaining 2 Pups are still high up - Oxytocin here we come - 45 mins later - 1 girl born. Another 45 later - Last girl born. Thank you Lord, no C-Section!

At Home now, New Mom is wonderful and most tentative. She is a real trooper.

She dove into her dinner plate last night. First really big meal in 3 days! Drank allot of water, did her business and ran to her nesting place.

That woman better not call me Elf! 

Green Colour is starting to fade

Mom's cleaning

I'm ready for my close up!

These pictures were taken late last night.  I shall hopefully get more in the next couple of days...I was just excited to share my news. It was worth every Penny that I will have to dish out for our Vet Stay.  We were there from 10:45 a.m. to about 8:00 closing time.

Thank you to all the Almonte Vets, Vet tech's and Admin for all your wonderful support and for getting our litter here safe and sound.


judyf said...

I used to work at the Vet. College, and believe me, those vet. techs were probably thrilled to help with your puppy delivery. A real Christmas present for them. Happy Holidays to everyone, especially your new "family"!

Laureate said...

Congratulations on your new babies! Best wishes to you and your family for a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


anamchara1 said...

Wonderful news, Penny, all arriving safe and sound (& festive!! :)). Now you'll actually get your Christmas Day in relative peace and quiet! Congratulations, and Merry Christmas to all!


Shelties kennel said...

Penny, congratulations on your new puppies ! They are so sweet !

Linda said...

Congrats, and green is very lucky for the Irish. They are all lovely babies.

Chris (Kel-Lani Shelties) said...

What great news! It's fantastic that everything turned out okay for Rosé and her beautiful puppies :)
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!

Pennylynn said...

Thank you everyone. I'm excited to see them grow. Merry Christmas!