Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oh Holy Night.... a night of joy to a night of sadness....

Since bringing him home, Grinch was quite noisy through out the night. Every time I would go to check on the litter, he always seemed cold to the touch especially his matter what I did. I also noticed that he wasn't trying to drink from mom, just trying to be close to her.

Things seemed to had got worse late this afternoon. I watched carefully, and he remained cold. His mouth always open... just not right. I took him with a heating pad, and blanket and cuddled on the couch. Rosé knew something was wrong... she laid her head on my thigh and kept looking up at me, and then the pup. I think that was the hardest to see. He was still very feisty.... always smelling my chin. He then became violently ill and cried as if he was in pain (which I know he was). I did everything trying to get him comfortable. I knew there wasn't more anyone could do. I had to ask Ed to take Rosé away and tend to her other pups. Grinch eventually calmed down... still releasing some liquid from his open mouth, but eventually, he would not raise his head with my touch... he was just lifeless.....I could feel his breathing getting more and more shallow - longer in-between breaths..... I knew he did not have much longer.... I prayed and cried to the lord to take him now, he passed away in my arms against my chest.

As much as he only lived for 26 hours, he made an impression on quite a few people.

He definitely took my heart and the heart of my family.

We have placed him in a small pretty black childrens shoe box with a blanket, and tied a beautiful Christmas bow around it. 

You were an early Christmas gift to me..... I feel you should be remembered that way.


Laureate said...

Sorry for your loss...

Hugs, Kim

Mordillio said...

It makes me very sadly this to read.
I wish you with the other everything goes well.

Greetings from Austria

Shelamo Shelties said...

Penny, 'Mr. Grinch' is now in peace. Bringing life into the world is such a wonderful thing, seeing them out at any time is so heart wrenching especially when their time is so short.

I feel for you and your family. I just know there is a SUPER keeper among those lovely pups ... 'cause I was able to see them before Santa arrived to spread his good 'cheer'!

Have a great Xmas Day!

Chris (Kel-Lani Shelties) said...

We're so very sorry ~ our thoughts are with you & your family

Barbara Hicks said...

Hi Pennylynn

At this time of the year it makes it that much more harder to accept. You did your best to help the little fellow. Grinch was with someone that deeply cared and love him in his short time with us. May his spirit live on with his brothers and sisters. Best of luck with the rest of the litter.

Linda said...

So sorry Penny, I know what you and your family are going through.

Barb said...


How bittersweet is that. I'm so sorry but he'll waiting up on Rainbow Bridge for you(I'll put in a special call to Timber to go looking for him and help him settle in!)

Congrats on your other lovely babies and to Rose.

Sheltie Hugs,

Chris said...

Rest in peace, little Grinch-puppy. Grow strong and beautiful at Rainbow Bridge. Penny, St. Francis will raise him well.
Nattering Springs

Louise C said...

Dear Penny - I was so sadden to read about the "grinch's" passing away. My deepest sympathies to you and your family. On a brighter note, at least the "grinch" lived and passed away in the arms of a very loving mother.

Pennylynn said...

Thank you - all of you - for your support, kind words, and uplifting hope and faith. It has helped me move along more so than you all know.