Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Portia's pups Finally!

This is my Italy meet Portugal theme litter... and by the time they are old enough to not pay 100% attention to, I will definitely be reaching from some wine..

Portia's pups have all doubled in birth weight, and are doing really really well.  Their coats are soooo glossy, eyes are now open on all of them..  They will be 2 wks old tomorrow!

In order of Birth:

Here is Male 1


The only female..... she is really cute!


Male #2

and the last boy.... Male #3 (I really like this guy)


Laureate said...

They are beautiful babies; congratulations! Great photos also!

Priscilla said...

They are beautiful, and you're right. Such glossy coats!

anamchara1 said...

Sweet little faces, so healthy looking ... congratulations! And super photos, too!

Anonymous said...

now you are making it harder ... they are so cute ... what beautiful puppies. Cindy

Linda said...

Such sweet faces on Portia's babies, their coats are like satin, which wine will they be? Great pic's Penny!

Pennylynn @ Ruffleith said...

Thank you everyone on the compliments of these pups... they truly are a very pretty litter.

Kim and Brenda.... I sooooooo LOOOOOVE MY CAMERA!!! IT KICKS! Can hardly wait to find out how to really use it! Then.... LOOK OUT! LOL.

Priscilla Thank you. I always like seeing your comments. I do appreciate them.

Cindy.... nothing hard about this ...LOL! The 3 boys are going to be grown out here... they have a lot of virtues/qualities that I really like and they are showing these qualities at a very early stage. I have been hoping for this for quite some big boys here - well for the moment.

Linda. Only the best Italian or Portuguese Wines silly! Must do some research