Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meet Mr. Bo Vine and Miss Chev Al

Not that I was standing in the middle of a field, with my arms out, singing in a high pitched irratating voice, wearing some medievel smock over a dress, BECAUSE... well, for one thing, I do know how to sing... and I don't wear dresses often....however..... once I approached a fence.... I think I made a few new friends....  take that "Miss Snow"  and put it in your apple!

Here are the other pics as promiced.  Don't hesitate to click on the pictures to see a larger size folks....  they are quite stunning pictures... if I do say so myself.

You.... look mean?

Oh... your just really dirty.

Your cute...

Looks like you need a kleenex...  yuk.

Shhhhh. Babies sleeping

Don't know why.... but I really like this picture.

Wish I was a bird.

My favorite animals.


anamchara1 said...

Very "pastoral" ... and how curious your little calf friends looked, dirty face and all!

gramps said...

Great pictures. Not bad for a throw-away camera,,Just kidding. We should get together sometime for picture hunting .There is amazing places here in Ottawa where us people never go. Did you try black and white yet ? If you do, send them ok.. Let:s have lunch. "Dad"