Monday, May 24, 2010

The one thing that keeps me sane.

Nature.  I needed to get out today... to breathe and get what feels like a noose off my neck. 

I took a drive about 15Km away and stopped at a random place.  The fountain was not working.  I have passed this place a many a time.  It is just beautiful, peaceful and I felt that I belonged there.

I took out my 55 - 250mm lens to take these...

Water bug

Some families of geese

I was pretty close to these guys.  Poppa kept his eye on me, but continued doing what he was suppose to do.

Tomorrow I will show you my larger "friends" that I met when I pulled off the road to say hello.

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anamchara1 said...

Great family photos! Your spot looks sooooooo peaceful ... a sanctuary.