Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rio's pups a day short of 2 wks old

Can't wait till this weekend to take some shots of each of these babes, with potentially their eyes open.

Thanks Tina for the images, so glad they are not givin' ya trouble.

This face, reminds me so much of Rio at this age.
You can see the "resemblance" from the 2 last images in this post.

Get that camera away from me.

All very healthy looking indeed.  Emma you are the best!

These 2 images are Rio... just a couple days old.


Shelamo Shelties said...

OK girl ... is it a boy or a girl looking like Rio? Sheeh ... PLS be a girl :)

Val B. said...

Oh my, Maureen .... are you taking that one if it's a girl that looks like Rio?

Pennylynn said...

LOL... I think Maureen is referring to as I really want a RioETTE.