Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Family that works together Accomplishes great things III

Today is a bit stressful..... but we take a deep breathe and focuss on what we need to do. Even Bria is looking more prepared for "the worse".

I go in with Portia and win the class....Bria, sheepishly smiles, and take her and the armband, getting ready.

Rosé take the bred by exhibitor class... I look over to Bria... and there is a "crap, I got to go in again grin".

In the Winners round.... Brianna is pointed to..... Winner's Female! She has a huge smile on her face! 3pt for Portia. First time for both of them.

In the Reserve round... My Rosé recieves the placement.

At ringside, Brianna hands over Portia.

In the ring.... we do the normal "down and back" around, around again... then Portia has a bit of an accident... "Clean up on aisle 9 please"...... How embarrassing.

Portia is awarded Best of Winners for another 2 points... Best of Opposite Sex and Best Puppy in Breed.

Unfortunatley with a huge mix up in Best in Breed, BPIG was pretty messed up leaving Portia and the Bouvier no chance of placement.

We walked away very proud of the day, never the less.

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