Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sneaking Around is Hard Work!

Alright, Jo Ann, this is being done for you. (And I am totally enjoying it may I add)

I have been tiptoeing around the house trying to get sneak shots of the progress of the dog run all day today... so this is what I'm going to do.

I will be updating this post ever so often, adding pictures of the progression.... I can't get caught doing this, cause, Eddie has already warned me about showing my face around the yard with my camera. He doesn't like being photographed. Unless it's to ask them if they are hungry or want a drink... the back yard is off limits.

Jo Anne..I'm risking my marriage for you

By the way, this little guy is my excuse to come outside with the camera.... my husband thinks I'm taking pics of flowers and nature. LOL!!

Here is the start of my story:

Today it's about 29 degrees celcius. It's bloody hot!

My dogs area is probably around 25 x 30 ft and then they have about the same amount of access on the deck for lounging under the gazebo. They have another area for running and playing which is about an acre big.

When I had only 2 Shelties... this area was plush and green and had major grass!

Now look at it.... it's awful! The bottom needs to be leveled in order for water not to accumlate during a storm... this is the biggest part of the job that needs to be addressed.

Access from "dog yard" to deck.

Major clean up has to be done. The boys are cutting the existing grass, cleaning up the yard and getting rid of alot of plant life, cutting them right down to nothin!

Look, the fence is down.... and there is a wheelbarrow with its first fill....

Tyler's filling the wheelbarrow.

I'm going to the other side of the house now:

Filling in some holes first:

I hear someone..... gotta go

I'm pretty much confined to this area.... I can see what's going on from the sliding doors that lead to the deck. I'm cleaning up the office and hanging some pictures in the meantime

Breaktime. I've fixed up some sandwiches and made some Iced Caps. mmmmm Costco Moka

Duncan and I sneak out again.

He sneaks past Eddie into the yard.... I'm freakin out! I'm behind the trailer in the laneway **I'm whisper yelling*** duncan... come... duncan... hurry come...

Eddie doesn't see him AGAIN ....yeewwwwww.

More progress... the bottom is starting to level off now.

He's bustin' his butt to get this done.

Dang! BUSTED! ... back into the house. It's now 3:25 in the afternoon

4:30: They are making a dent...

I think that's it for today. I'm going in to make supper and I think we have a movie planned for tonight. See ya tomorrow!


Jo Ann said...'ve got two great guys there but I'm sure you already know that! It's such brutal, backbreaking work.

It's already looking so much better and they sure got a lot done!

Jo Ann

Shelamo Shelties said...

Hey, the doggie yard is starting to look GOOD! Gosh, after today/nite's rain you'll be SO glad when it's all done ... no more mucky dogs!

Keep sneaking! Your rock slinging guys ROCK!

Pennylynn said...

Jo Ann: I'm very fortunate to have them doing this for me considering my circumstances, very lucky indeed.

Maureen, can hardly wait for the rain! I know what the rock looks like clean, but MORE, I cant' wait for the dogs to go and pee on it for the first time ! hahahahah.