Saturday, January 23, 2010

**singing** What a difference a day makes..... 24 hours.....

Good Morning VIETNAM!!!  ***stretch*** 

I got a full 7 hour sleep!  9:00p.m. - 4:00 a.m. Puppies have adjusted in their new digs.... and to the no "midnight" feedings.  They get their mush at around 7:00... a big drink from mom at 7:30/8:00 and sleep all night!

Morning comes... Dogs and puppies get fed, dogs out.. Dogs in....Rosé runs to pups ( I would love to tell you that's it's because she loves them soooo much but....) she finishes the mush and then tops them off with a large drink (she really has not choice... they are HANGING from her as she stands and cleans plate)

At this time... Portia now goes out - "healthyish poop" this morning.  (not that YOU want to know that) but I am doing the happy dance... cause that's the best it's been since her delivery!  She is coming around!!!

AND the bestest (is that a word? it should be).... Just at sunrise... this is what I see to start my day....

I could not really capture the PINK that drizzled within the sky...but... my God it was beautiful. 
Maybe next year when I get a DSLR.  I'm doing some research - want big bang for the buck... but Nikon and Canon are in the running.

Well I'm off to clean the xpens, change the linens from the small guys...clean up my room a bit... and then I'm heading out to get my hair done... because... I need to be pampered!


Priscilla said...

There's always work to be done with puppies around isn't there?
For our first time taking care of a new born puppy, it was a complete nightmare. But we're glad we have our little Eva and now we can't live without her!

Linda said...

Sounds like you could use some kennel help! Rose's babies are on their way to being all weaned, then it gets pretty stinky! save all your newspapers....and glad you are feeling like your old self again. Good sleep makes all the difference.