Saturday, February 6, 2010

6wks old - Rose's pups are due for "Up do's"

Tina of TLC came over for a bit of lunch today and to see the offspring of  "Mason", TLCs Rock the house.  I think it's safe to say that she is as pleased with this litter as I am.

It's always a treat to see how other's deal with ears.... we have our own little techniques.  I never did ears at 6wks (or at least I don't remember)... as I held onto the pups, Tina took the wheel and glued up their ears. We then let Neil hold one of the pups,  as I watched the technique from the brain can be a sponge at times... I watched..... I learned... and then did Bernie's ears.  We chalked them up as if they were going to shows... brushed them over... What great puppies... no fussing!  Thanks Tina for helping me out... especially to take the "profile" pictures.

"Gee, Lily" I can't believe that's you - your real pretty" (Bernie)

"You smell pretty too Lily!"...
These are girls...

Lily (Ruffleith's Rock a little)

Charlotte (Ruffleith's Riot Girl)

and these are the boys

JemJem (Tri-factored Sable - Full Collar)

Bernie (Pure for Sable - Full Collar)
I prefer these pics of "au natural" and playing around after the "photoshot"
Lily and Bernie (look at his neck!)

Lily, JimJim, Bernie, Charlotte (squished)

Charlotte has a beautiful neck!

Lily (what can I say.... awwwwwww)




How's my breath? (Bernie and lily look very much alike)



Priscilla said...

They look beautiful after ear taping! congrats on your gorgeous litter.

Laureate said...

Pretty babies!

Linda said...

They look so grown up with their ears done, very nice puppies, with nice long necks like Daddy.....I guess you can hardly wait to hit the shows with the new Rock'n puppies.

Chris (Kel-Lani Shelties) said...

The 1st pic with Bernie looking sideways at Lily is absolutely priceless! Where has the time gone ~ they look like little pageant puppies :) Beautiful!

Barb said...

Oh, Bernie is precious!

Look at that neck, and the personality to boot!

So between the two litters....I'm getting confused: which pups are you keeping, which pups are spoken for and who is left??? ;-)

Pennylynn @ Ruffleith said...

Thank you everyone for the positive feedback on the babes. I'm getting excited as the weeks pass.

Chris... I think I'm going to make a calander on the "funny" shots I have been able to capture with this bunch. There are quite a few pictures that really "tell a story" that I have not posted on this blog.

Barb... is this Barb M or Barb V.? I'm the one who is confused now. In Rose's litter: Bernie is looking for his forever home.

2nd litter: I think we have found a home for the little girl.... the other boys... I am waiting to see what will happen - I hope I get a few hopefuls .... at least one for me to keep!

BarbV said...

It's BarbV

BarbV said...

I love Bernie....I want, I want, I want...Deep breath now!

Penny, I will call you this weekend so you can either talk me into or talk me out of bringing home Bernie!

Cindy said...

Bernie would have been my choice if I didn't already have a pure for sable, so Axel formerly known as JemJem, will join our family soon. I love the dark coat and hope he turns out like Mason. Bernie is super precious, what a beautiful face & neck. can't wait for next weekend for the big arrival.