Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life according to Bernie II

Hey YO! Wazz UP! My name is Vinnie. I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to have Bernie join us today. My keeper had a prob with her comp... so these pics are from a couple of weekends ago. We were only 4 wks old... Bernie was 7 wks old

He’s the big guy in the middle behind Rio.

Gee this is awkward. We have nothing to say to one another.

Yup….. sooooo…. Wet any newspapers lately? What about that snow!

I have lots to say to you Cousin Bernie. My name is Mia. My mom and dad are picking me up in 2 weeks! I’m like sooooo excited. I’m going to live out in the country, like with another Sheltie! It’s totally awesome!! Don’t you think that is, like wonderful? My parents think I’m like the sweetest looking sheltie. They are like totally into me and my smallness. They love me soooooo much. Bernie? Like, why are you looking at the camera?

Seriously, make it stop! (Bernie)

Please bring me back to my room. I can’t handle the small talk… Err I mean….

Like..why is everyone ignoring me?  (Mia)
Lord help us! (Bernie)
Nice Towels (Rio)


Laureate said...

Hahaha too cute; good dialogue. :-)

Priscilla said...

Totally like cute!!!

Linda said...

Wow, we could start a comic strip about Bernie's group therapy....so so cute....don't you just love that Bernie Boy.

anamchara1 said...

Love the conversations ... they just suit everybody perfectly. Really cute puppie! I would say you've got their personalities pegged!!