Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wine anyone?

Okay... not exactly... but when I look at him, he makes me feel all fuzzy drunk inside.

This is Ruffleith's Barolo Di Rionda.  Rio is his call name..... Thank you Brianna for helping me out with the pictures today. It was a bit windy and the whistling of the tree branches behind him got him curious and he would not look my way....I knew it was not going to be long a photo shoot.... so we did a few quick pictures and this is what we ended up with.  Hopefully get some of the girls in the next few days, if it's nice out.  We will revisit this photoshot another day too.  I need to get more level with him...but with him wanting to jump into the tree... I needed to be more on guard than more the photographer... tee hee

Mamma Mia!!  Bartender!!!  Another round... on the house!!
sigh... if only it was that simple eh?

I love him.


Laureate said...

He'a beauty Penny...with or without a glass of wine!

Jo Ann said...

What a stunner! I can see why you are in love...

Jo Ann

Linda said...

He sure is a head turner. very very nice Penny.